Approach to practice

Cate is dynamic in her approach to problems facing commercial clients, drawing on her years of experience in commercial, property, intellectual property, corporate and insolvency litigation. Her main objective is to provide accurate advice and practical solutions to complex legal issues in a timely and cost-effective way.

Cate is an experienced trial and appellate counsel, known for her strategic approaches to litigation to make the most efficient and effective use of the Court’s and clients’ resources. Cate is sought-after trial counsel, particularly for matters involving significant issues of credit or fraud.

Cate is an effective and sought-after mediator, for her practical approach to disputes, her ability to suggest dynamic solutions, her respect for the litigants and their legal representatives, and her genuine desire to see an outcome in the parties’ interests. Cate does not subscribe to the view that settling is always the best outcome for the parties, but approaches all mediations as an excellent opportunity for the parties to try.

Cate does not accept direct access briefs (that is, briefs or instructions directly from clients). She only accepts instructions from legal practitioners holding practising certificates.